Video infrastructure for sport

Sports organisations of all sizes - from renowned leagues to individual teams - use 8by8 to get the right video to the right people at the right time.

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Unified Platform

A fully integrated suite of video products

We bring together everything that's required to enable your video workflows. 8by8’s products power video workflows for officiating organisations, teams, disciplinary procedures and everything in between. We also help our users automate workflows, share key footage quickly, make their own clips, increase productivity and access, sync with data sources, telestrate, and much more.

8BY8 Capture - how the system can capture feeds from different sources


Create the perfect video workflow that works live or post match. Choose from a range of options that’s right for you.

8BY8 Integrate - how 8BY8 can integrate with different data feeds


Seamlessly and automatically link in-house data feeds, custom data tags or third party sources with your video.

8BY8 Access - Diagram showing how 8BY8 can be used to access the content


Simplify and accelerate how you view video and data. Whether live or post match 8BY8 has multiple tools straight out of the box.

8BY8 Share - How content can be shared to other stakeholders from the 8BY8 platform


Do away with multiple platforms, share video straight from your 8BY8 account with other team members with ease.

Global Scale

The backbone for sports video

For sports organisations around the world, 8by8 makes dealing with video simple as the rest of the internet. We process thousands of hours of video each year for organisations of all sizes. Access to our platform happens around the world, 24 hours a day.

100,000 +

Video views a month

2 Million +

Minutes of video stored and accessed

1 Million +

Data points for finding key points of interest

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